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For The Love of all Things Fresh!

Hi! Welcome to Windmill Bargara where we are all about delicious and nutritious food and drinks, caring for our environment and our beautiful region!

I’m Kirsty and definitely the lesser known of the Windmill owners, so I thought it was time people hear a little more from me (it’s not all about you Joey )

So why not kick this thing off with a little snippet about me, my beautiful family and how I came to love all things Windmill.

I moved to the beautiful Bundaberg from the UK in 2016 with Joey and our two kidlets (Harry and Poppy). We were brought to this region by Joey’s family but quickly learned that the region has plenty to offer. From picture perfect sandy beaches to sprawling farmland offering the countries best produce. Little did we know that all this amazing local produce would play such a huge part in our lives. We found the Windmill on just our second day of living in Bundy whilst out for an evening drive. I instantly fell in love with its delightful charm. It was almost like fate because within two years of this first encounter, we purchased the Windmill and began to put all our passion into creating an iconic space for all to enjoy. We really wanted to make best use of all the local farms and quickly got to work incorporating as much of their produce into our menu. Not only is it ridiculously fresh but its super nutritious and we just loving knowing exactly where our food comes from.

One of our most loved dishes which has been on the menu pretty much since day one is our Windmill Breakfast Bowl. Featuring a medley of ingredients all from our doorstep it’s easy to see why it is one of our most popular dishes. Give it a try next time you're in for a visit.

Thanks for stopping by;

Kirsty x

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